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Welcome to Hellsing Humor.

There are only a few rules, but they're pretty self-explanitory.

i. No Character Hate. This used to be 'No Character bashing', but that was misunderstood. Basically this means that, yes, you can mock characters relentlessly, but I don't want to see a thousand posts about "OMG INKOGNITO SUXXX" or "WHO ELSE HATES JAN VALENTINE/INCOGNITO/KIM/HELENA/THAT ONE WANKER GUY WITH THE FACE/THAT SQUIRREL OVER THERE??".

ii. Respect Other Members. This should go without saying. I want all of our members to feel welcome, so please keep all insults, elitist behavior, snide remarks and unconstructive criticism out. Also, this is not a serious fanart/fanfiction/icon review community, so please avoid treating it as such. We don't want people to be shy in posting for fear that their work will be put under the microscope.

To that end, this is a friendly community. This means that anyone that decides that being an unmittigated moron is a cool thing to do will be banned. We're wonderfully ok with silliness, but when it comes to being a jackass for no reason other than to look cool, you're no longer welcome here.

iii. Keep Potty Humor to a Minimum. It's alright every once in a while, but just don't overdo it.

iv. Perverts Allowed!! XDDDD Perverted posts and risque humor is welcome, just put it behind a cut and friends filter. Also, these entries should be marked with a warning stating "Not worksafe".

v. LJ-Cut fanfics and images larger than 300x300. This is to both save on bandwith and spare our friends pages. The code for an LJ cut is:

vi. No Demanding the Mods. If you have an issue about something and you need to bring it to our attention, do so in a respectful manner. Not "You need to change this" or "This had better be changed". Demands get nothing accomplished. Instead, a nice "Could you possibly change this?" is preferrable.

vii. HAVE FUN!! ^^ That's the most important rule ^.~ We're all weirdos, so don't be scared XDDD

I think that's about all for now ^^ So, until then~! 4-6-4-9~!!


odangoatama, and ekyo

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